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 Our Story
 Posted: Mar 16 2016, 12:03 AM




Our Story
our story begins with...
Paid in Blood is a heavy character driven narrative, which all of our players will have a chance in influencing the overall plot with the completed threads they submit to us. Every four months we'll update the plot, and in doing so we'll steer Paid in Blood in whatever direction we so choose. This not only gives everyone a chance to be in the spotlight, but it gives you further motivation to complete threads and have your story plastered on our board for all to see. For now, we will start with the ground plot we want our board to take off from and hopefully we see some really creative submissions from our completed thread list.

Paid in Blood is based in a world exactly like our own, however the difference being mythology, ancient lore, and urban legends, they all happen to true and kept secret from the general population. We are based in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, Pagan gods of old use new religion to disguise their presence, taking high positions in companies, government, and the entertainment industry. Common creatures we all know like vampires, werewolves, are all hiding under our noses, and even some lesser known ones like nymphs and serpopards. They might be your barista at Starbucks, or the Senator your vote is going to put into office.

The Pagans, or their preferred term "Ancients", aren't as powerful and mighty as they were once believed, and those who are gifted or born into this secret world know this, and wish to take a piece of what the Ancients and other "powerful" beings have. A rift between factions, races, and cultures is starting to cause turmoil. With everyone throwing in their hat for power and fortune, it's going to leave a trail of destruction that might just unravel this world that has been kept secret for so long.

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