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 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 09:20 PM




Rules to write by
Firstly welcome to Paid In Blood, Paid in Blood is a site focused on RTRP (Real time role play) that is based around building a foundation and a safe place for your muse to grow. Instead of forcing our players with weekly or even monthly posts, we encourage our members to focus on their writing, if it be personal or posted on our site for all to see and enjoy. It is a place where you can write till you drop! We're going to run down a few rules here; they might seem fairly obvious if you've played on RP forums before and some might not. We try to be as lax and flexible as possible, but we also like to make sure we are on top of things should things go awry.

- PLAYER AGE: You must be 18 years of age to play on this board. This is a mature board and we are looking for adults to write with. Also please do not put us in the awkward position of "I am going to be 18 soon." It is unfair and sort of underhanded. If you are turning 18 soon, please wait and this board will hopefully still be here. With that in mind, we also won't be accepting characters who are under the age of 18. This is to ensure we don't run into any awkwardness in terms of the sexual nature of those characters. Not everyone is comfortable with that; so we just make this a rule to ensure everyone is happy and eager to write with everyone.

- In terms of CHARACTER CREATION  there are a few things we wish to address: Please use our template (We won't accept characters who are using templates outside the board. Please address our SPECIES LIST (Link) and rules (We are very open to most things, as long as they are in some way based in lore). We will also keep tabs on characters of a sexual nature (Succubus, dominatrix 7/11 cashiers, Nymphs). Although we are down with all kinds of writing, we are not strictly a smut board. While it is acceptable to hint, suggest, or even write it, we don't want it clogging our board completely.

- FACECLAIMS (link) are taken on a "first come, first serve" basis. Whoever drops the application first, if it be finished or unfinished, has laid claim to that face. Sometimes people take awhile to finish applications, and we would like to respect the creative process and not make them feel pressured they need to finish before someone snags their face away from them.

In addition we do allow twins, or duplicates, under discretion of course. The player of the original face claim also has to agree. If we see too many duplicates, or twins, we might cap on the request or usage from them.

- CBOX: This is our RTRP area with a multitude of rooms and places to explore, we centre everything on our board in Santa Barbra, though role play outside of the city is still possible of course. It is not mandatory to participate in the RTRP area but it is highly encouraged. Those who wish to forgo it can still post and write at their leisure.

Be RESPECTFUL of other players SCHEDULES AND TIME IN GAME. It's all fun and games but a player is going to be discouraged to enter the cbox if they are constantly reminded of their character's absence or inaction. Players might be on vacation but that doesn't necessarily mean their characters are.

Be INCLUSIVE and mindful of those you play with. The RTRP build is to open up a world of endless possibilities with your role play but it is just that, it is not an extension of yourself or your own personal social circle. If you see someone trying to integrate themselves into a scene try your hardest to rope them into whatever chaos your developing.

On the flip side if you see a scene unfolding that seems sensitive and could be a pivotal moment for a players character development be COURTEOUS and ASK OOC or IM to contribute, or for another character. A lot of our players will have a multitude of fun characters they probably want to play with. You could be the reason why that character gets out more.

- REGISTRATION: To register, please use proper grammar for the username with First name and Last name (if they have one).

Example: John Doe, Jane Doe.

An OOC name is not necessary, but if you're going to be creating more than one character, then after the creation of your second character, you may want to create one. These do not require last names (unless you absolutely wish to create one for yourself lol then feel free! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif ).

Please remember if you've messed up or forgotten to follow these rules, feel free to PM an admin (or use the OOC cbox!).

- ADOPTABLES (Link) might have face claims attached to them, they are merely suggestions and not in any way, shape, or form, a "reserve" or a "claim" on that face.

- GRAPHICS: Everyone wants pretty images for their characters. Avatars can be no bigger than 250x400. Signatures can be no wider than 500. Length is negotiable, but let's not get carried away about it, please. We don’t want to stretch the board. No naked graphics on avatars or signatures will be allowed.

- NO HOTLINKING IMAGES FOR APPS!: They tend to disappear after a time and it makes things difficult on us.

- POWERFUL CHARACTERS are a tempting notion on the board, considering some of the stories we'll have in play and the very open nature of our character creation. Keep in mind we will not accept an uber powerful character as your first submission. This is because we prefer to know you can handle it through your first character. That being said, we still don't want characters who could constantly god mod everyone and can glimpse into the minds and futures of everyone they come across. Even if you are submitting an application for Ares God of War, we want you to be humble about it. If the Gods were all powerful, then they wouldn't have fallen out of favor and Christianity wouldn't have been so rampant. Use your own discretion when leveling out your character's power, and in the end, if you can't figure it out, we'll be around to help.

- MATURE THREADS OR STORIES, please mark with [M] in the tag, that way people know prior to viewing or reading your thread. Discretion can be used here as well, though it usually involves overly gory or graphic sexual content.

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