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 Species List
 Posted: Apr 23 2016, 12:32 PM




Species List
Because we're all special
Examples: Civilians, Hunters, Lorekeepers

Humans are pretty self explanatory, mortal beings that dominate the world by their sheer numbers. Only thing to note is that humans who possess magical abilities, or anything beyond what we can do as Players in the real world, do not fall into this category. For those who are little more extra than Human, look at the next category, "Gifted" for all your witchy and abnormal power needs. This species is for your run of the mill Humans only.

Examples: Mages, Psychics, Healers, Gods Reborn as Mortals

Gifted are Humans with extraordinary abilities, beyond the realm of common possibility. They can wield magics, or use the "minds eye" to see around the corner, move things by simply thinking about it, or have a kinship with an element. These of course are just core examples, a Gifted can be a born Human who has pretty much anything altered about them that doesn't make them entirely normal, of course within the realm of reason. A Healer who can only heal when someone else is hurt, someone raised in the jungles of South America who can suddenly call upon animals and the elements to aide them in battle, the combinations are endless.

A Gifted can also be a god or goddess who has been reborn as a human too (either willingly or unwillingly). They would have access to some of their former godly abilities, but only when they take on their godly mantles again can they truly regain the full strength of their abilities. In cases like these, the gods or goddesses don't remember their previous lives. They may gain glimpses here and there and, if they try, will eventually regain those memories if they so wish. Otherwise, they will live their mortal lives as normal humans (just humans with extra abilities).

Examples: Pagans, New Gods, Celestial, Demonic

Ancients are those Gods or Pagans you see in mythology: Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, etcetera. Although they aren't as strong as the Gods they once were, they're still a force to be reckoned with. They're also Angelic beings or Demonic beings, ripped from Heaven or Hell, though they could also simply be here on vacation. Anything that's old, forgotten, or a Pagan god who no longer has the worship it once had are all considered Ancients. Even something new that you come up with, who has obtained the title of Godhood, or is technically a Demon, or an Angel. The powers of all these beings have to be within reason, they are no longer invincible and in fact more vulnerable than most since it's likely their weaknesses have been broadcast over the entire world in textbooks, the media, and the like, for centuries.

Examples: Vampires, Spirits, Zombies

Undead, a species who's membership requires you to be dead but still moving about in some form or another. It covers your typical Vampire or your very uniquely strange Zombie Knight of ye old times with hyper intelligence and a decaying heart of gold. The Undead are typically harmed by magic of a holy nature and aren't genuinely welcomed in most circles. They tend to be evil but there are a great few that lean towards good, and there are stories woven about them throughout history. So if you are a Vampire with a soul or a crime solving Zombie this group is for you.

Examples: Werewolves, Skinchangers, Changelings

If you "shift" your "shape" than this is the category for you, from your humble Werewolf to your very odd water Horse Shapeshifter this will cover all of your shifting needs. Most shifting creatures have an affinity to the Earth's moon in some way, the magic or essence that essentially gives them their natural born or sometimes obtained gifts (through means of biting). However, it is not always the case that a Shapeshifter is tied to the Earth's moon, creatures like Changlings or Doppelgängers for example, or there are some that are not only tied to the Earth's moon but can also shift at will.

Examples: Fae, Urban Monsters, Mythological Beings

Mythical is a broad species that covers everything from Fae to Cyclops, and Dwarves to Giants, anything that you see roaming in the mythologies and lore of our world is covered in this category especially if it doesn't fall into the previous categories listed above. If you think your character does not fall into this category, nor any others, please PM an admin or mod and they should be able to help you out.

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